Free, Simple

MOT and Service Reminders

This service is provided free of charge by your garage but you are complete control of your personal data

Why you should register?

  • You receive all the reminders for Free, this service will not cost you a penny.

  • Your data is securely stored and only accessed by your garage.

  • You keep in control of your data and can access this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Full unsubscribe capability. You decide when you would like to unsubscribe and not the garage.

  • Finally, it is one of those useful reminders that you will be pleased to receive.

Why You Should Register


Your personal information is very important to you and should be kept private. When registering for your reminders you are solely registering your details with your garage and not with any third party company.


We have many people register their reminder details with us and we make sure that only you and your garage have access to your details so they are not open for anyone to see.

In Control

You are completely in control of the information that we hold and you can access your account any time of the day and you have the ability to unsubscribe at any point.

How much is this going to cost

How much is this going to Cost me?

Free, complimentary, on the house and absolutely zero.

The great thing is that it is completely free service to you and it is funded by your garage and not you.

Your garage is offering this service for free to give something back to you for being a loyal customer of theirs.

How does it work

Keep your data secure
Step 1
You can securely register your details online or give your details to your garage by filling out a form.
The Reminder Channels Available
Step 2
You decide how you would like to be reminded. You can choose from Text Message, Email, Phone Call and Letter. This decision is made by you and not the garage.
Step 3
You will then receive the reminder automatically in the way that you would like. This could be up to 8 weeks before your due dates to give you plenty of time to book your vehicle in.
You decide when to opt out
Step 4
Sit back and we will do the rest. However, you can completely opt-out from the service where you details will be permanately deleted.

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